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Activities that took place:

Homes for the world beyond beliefs and funerary rituals Apulum

International symposium on funerary anthropology

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1 Decembrie 1918 University

UAB Department of History

South-Eastern European Pottery

Circle Old History and Archeology

Institute for Cultural Memory

National Council of Scientific     Research - CNCSIS

Vienna Institute for Archaeological     Sciences

EU-Research Training Network -     AARCH

Department of Archaeological     Sciences, Bradford, UK

The Multi-User Research Center (B.C.U.M.) was founded on the basis of the B-type grant, approved by Contract no. 198/24.01.2001. During 2001-2003, B.C.U.M. was established as an organization with a view to developing a complex theoretical and practical training system for specialists highly qualified in the field of archaeology, of conservation and restoration of the historical, cultural and archaeological materials and sites, starting with the specialist academic training for students and continuing with post-graduate studies (M.A. and Ph.D. programmes) and post-doctoral studies.

Consequently, upon the completion of the grant, it was decided to transform the B.C.U.M. into a SYSTEMIC ARCHAEOLOGY INSTITUTE (I.A.S.), was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research (M.E.C.) and The Council for National Academic Research (C.N.C.S.I.S.) by the Certificate no. 20/CC-C.

By activity currently intends expanding academic and business services (by others) offered by IAS and implicitly, the Institutes contributions to the development of scientific research in the University.

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